Detailed CV

Born in Athens on 22 August, 1955. Graduated from High School at Athens College. He studied painting from 1974 at Wimbledon School of Art and Saint Martin’s School of Art in London where he lived until 1980.
While in London he attended for several months the Fine Art restoration studio of St.Mihalarias as well as the Apollo Etching Studio.
During 1983 he lived for several months in Florence, painting the landscape and studying the museums of Italy.
He mainly works as a painter, printmaker, book illustrator, church muralist, stage designer, exhibition curator and book editor. He is the curator of the Mount Athos Art Archives, whose main domains are contemporary art inspired by Mt. Athos and the history of religious printmaking that once flourished there.
Since 2020 he has been a member of the artistic committee of the Museum of Modern Greek Art in Rhodes and of the cultural committee for the Secretary General of the Aegean and Island Policy of the ministry Maritime Affairs of Greece.


1979    -Cultural Center Ora, Athens.
1983    -Cultural Center Ora, Athens
1986    - Athens Art Gallery.
1989    - Gallery Chrysothemis, Athens
1990    - Cultural Center Ora, Athens.
1993    - Gallery Chrysothemis, Athens.
            - Gallery K, London.
1998    - “Athonite Prints”, Cultural Center Panorama, Athens.
1999    - “Athonite Prints”, French Institute, Thessaloniki.
            - Gallery Chrysothemis, Athens.
2000    - “Athonite Prints” Aetopoulion Halandri Cultural Center, Athens.
            - “Athonite Prints”, Municipality of Stageira, Ouranoupolis.
2001    - Gallery Chrysothemis, Athens.
2007-08 - “Monotypes”, Cultural Foundation of the National bank of Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki.
2009    - “Drawings and monoprints”, Historical Museum of Aegina.
            - “Mount Athos Retrospective 1990-2008”, Agioritiki Estia, Thessaloniki.
2010    - “Mount Athos Retrospective 1990-2008”, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens
2011    - “A Museum of Trees”, Athens Art Gallery.
2012    - “A Museum of Trees”, Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece, Thessaloniki.
2013    - “365”, Athens Art Gallery.
2014    - “365”, Polyedro Gallery, Patras.
            - “A selection of paintings”, Eagles Palace Hotel, Chalkidiki, curated by Nitra Gallery.
2018    - “Urban Trace”, Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation, Athens.
2019    - “Selection of paintings and objects” i-D ProjectArt , Athens.
2020    - “Painting on Mount Athos”, Giorgio de Chirico Art Center, Volos.
            - “365” and “The Museum of Trees”. Delta art gallery, Volos.

GROUP SHOWS (selection)

1982    - Camden Arts Center, London.
1985, 1987, 2010- International Mini Print Exhibition, Taler Galleria Fort, Cadaques, Spain.
1987 1990    - International Miniature Exhibition, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1987    - Contemporary Greek Painting, Sofia, Bulgaria.
1988    - Greek Post War Printmaking, National Gallery, Athens.
            - Contemporary Greek Printmaking, Warsaw, and 1989, Belgrade.
1987, 1988, 1989 - Phoenix Gallery, London and Suffolk, England.
1989    - “Painting for a Table”, Athens Municipal Art Gallery.
1990    - International Miniature Exhibition, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Georgia, U.S.A.
1997    - Art-Athina show, Athens.
1999    - Lavyrinthos Gallery, Katerini, Greece.
            - “150 Years of the Skete of St. Andreas”, French Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece.
            - Gallery Polyedron, Patra, Greece.
            - “The Art of Icons», The Pieridis Gallery, Athens.
            - Art- Athina show, Athens.
            - 17th Biennale of Illustrations, Bratislava, Slovenia
            - Work by“Aisopos” members, Athens Municipality Cultural Center, Athens.
2000    - Gallery Prisma, Levadia, Greece.
            - International Children’s Book Fair, Bologna, Italy.
            - “Orthodoxy and Environment”, C.E.E. Kalamata, Greece.
            - Contemporary Icon Painters, Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury, U.K.
            - Art-Athina.
            - Contemporary Orthodox Painters, Gateway Arts Center, Shrewsbury, U.K.
            - “Painting the Olive Tree”, Aktia Nikopolis Foundation, Preveza, Greece.
            - 1st Triennial of Greek Printmaking, The Pieridis Gallery, Athens.
2001    - Illustrations, Art-Tower, Athens.
            - Art-Athina show, Athens.
2005    -“Aquarium”, St Nicolas Bay Hotel, Agios Nikolaos, Crete
            - Artists books”, Euripides Bookstore, Halandri, Athens.
            -“The Table”, Skoufa Art Gallery, Athens.
            - Art-Athina show.
2006    -“Angels”, Gallery K, London.
            -“Richness and Diversity”, Icons from Balkan countries, The Church of all Hallows, London
            -“Homage to Penelope Delta”, Athens College, Athens
2009    -“Lost Heritage”, Gallery K, London and Nicosia.
            - Works for Antonin Dvorzak’s Rusalka, Greek National Opera, Athens.
            -“De Natura”, Artower Agora, Athens.
            -“Greek landscapes in watercolor”, Contemporary Balkan Gallery of Limnos.
            -“Painting for Athens” Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens.
2010    - Miniprint exhibition, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia.
            -“The world of I. Gennadios”, The Gennadius Library, Athens.
            -“Tracing Istanbul”, Istanbul and Athens.
2012    -“2nd Athens Print Fest”. Greek Printmakers Association, Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece.
2014    - Keats Community Library, London.
            - General State Archives. Exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the archives, (cur. L. Karapidaki).
2015    -“Ploes 21”. Kydonieos Foundation, Andros, Greece.
2017    -“Art in the Archive”, Cultural Foundation of the Piraeus Bank Group, Athens, Greece
            -“NeapolisAthina”, homage to the Neapolis area in Athens, (cur.L.Karapidaki), Hellenic American Union, Athens.
            -“Templon”, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki, Greece
2018    -“Diachronies”, Diachronic Museum of Larisa.
            -“Contemporary Artists' Books 2”, Athens School of Fine Arts.
            -“Black in White”, Artists' Books, Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation, Athens.
2019    -“Summer is a state of mind”, i-D ProjectArt, Αθήνα.


1987    - 15th Biennale of Alexandria, Egypt.
2013-2014  “Myths, memories, mysteries: how artists respond to the past”. Curator, Roger Wollen. Riddle’s Court, Edinburgh, Bede’s World Museum, Jarrow, Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge.


Book Editing / Exhibition Curating
Spyros Papaloukas, The Mount Athos Paintings , (research, editing) The Mount Athos Art Archives and Agra publications, Mt.Athos, 2004
Mount Athos in Contemporary Greek Art, He has curated the exhibition for the Cultural Fandation of the National Bank of Greece, in Athens and Thessaloniki, 2007-2008.
Thanasis Akrivopoulos, exhibition for the Municipal Gallery of Almyros, 2010.
Spyros Papaloukas-Drawings and studies, Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece, Athens, 2019
Books and Catalogues
The Towers of Mount Athos,  Harmos Publishers. Athens 1998 (text in Greek, prints, drawings). A book with his own prints and drawings accompanied by a selection of literary texts.
Kampanis Markos, Painting on Mount Athos, 1990-2008, (in Greek). Indiktos Publishers, Athens, 2009.
A Museum of Trees. Foinikas Publications, Athens, 2011.
365, catalogue/2014 calendar, Istros Art Editions, Athens 2013.
Book Illustrations
He has been collaborating as an illustrator for Astir Publishers, Ekdotiki Athinon, Simonos Petras monastery, Foinikas, Indiktos, Hestia, the journal Synaxis and others.


Monastery of Simonos Petras, Mt Athos - ceiling paintings, 1995-96.
                                    - St Tryphon fresco, 1997.
Monastery of St Katherine, Mount Sinai, - Tarfa Hermitage, Nativity.
                                    - The life of Moses, 2007.
Prophet Elias church, Sifnos, 1990.
St.George church, Zographou, Athens.
Monastery of Virgin Mary, Kornofolia, Evros, church murals. Since 2001
Monastery of Vatopaidi, Mt Athos, mural at the entrance of the monastery, 2013.
St Nicholas private chapel, Mykonos, 2012-2013
St.Nicholas at Rigilis, Athens, 2019.


He has set up the “Mount Printmaking Studio”, with premises in Athens, and in Karyes Mount Athos, where engravings are being printed from the 18th and 19th c. original plates, kept in various institutions. He thus, participates in the current effort to study, preserve and publicize the treasures of Greek religious printmaking.
He has produced three limited edition folios with his own prints, “Towers of Mt.Athos”, “Skete of St. Andrew” and “Iveron Monastery”.

CRITICISM-PRESENTATIONS (only when English text available)

Bicknell John, ART MONTHLY, no 147, June 1991, London.
Ηart Aidan, Annual Report of the «Friends of Mount Athos», Oxford, 1999.
Fr. Silouan Justiniano, A Matter of “Ethos”, interview, Orthodox Arts Journal, 2016., “A man of many talents”, September, 2016


2003    -“Introduction”, Spyros Papaloukas, Painting on Mount Athos, M. Kampanis ed. The Mount Athos Art Archives and Agra publications, Mt Athos, 2004. 
2010    -“Painting on Mount Athos”, presentation at the AGM of the Mt Athos Friends, Oxford.
2011   - The icon painter Angelos and contemporary Greek Church Art at the International Symposium organized on the οccasion of the “Hand of Angelos” exhibition, Benaki Museum, Athens.
2012    - The tradition of Athonite printmaking at the 10th World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” in Rhodes and at the 2nd Athens Print Fest, Athens.
2013    - George Hadjimichalis – Markos Kampanis: a conversation. “365”exhibition catalogue.
2014    - Mount Athos, an artist’s view, painting on Mount Athos, Wolfson College, Cambridge.
            - A Museum of Trees, Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge.
2015    - The printmaking tradition on Mount Athos, The Orthodox Art Journal.
            - Modernity and tradition in the religious work of Spyros Papaloukas, The Orthodox Arts Journal.  Journal.
2016    Is there a sacred style? International workshop, the sacred in art, in memory of Philipp Sherrard, Oxford, organized by Ainos cultural society.
2018    - A Matter of “Ethos: An Interview with Fr Silouan Justiniano, Ortodox Arts Journal.
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